Mercedes has announced plans to become the first automaker to offer "Car-to-X" technology to consumers.

The system will debut later this year and will enable vehicles to commutate with other vehicles as well as the traffic infrastructure. Mercedes says this will enable drivers to receive early notifications about potential dangers so they can take "appropriate action and even help to avoid critical situations arising in the first place."

For example, if a car equipped with Car-to-X technology breaks down or is involved in an accident, other drivers in the vicinity will be notified so they can change lanes. The system will also provide drivers with precise traffic information so they can avoid congestion areas and traffic backups.

The system will be offered as part of a "Drive Kit Plus" package that requires users to have a smartphone and the Digital DriveStyle app. This setup isn't ideal but Mercedes says they chose this route because it's the "quickest way to deploy the future technology and therefore also the quickest possible shortcut to unlocking the safety potential of Car-to-X technology."

Check out the press release for additional information

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