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GMC will use the upcoming NFL playoff games as an opportunity to show off the Sierra's CarbonPro bed in a new commercial. If you're not a football fan, then simply watch the ad above.

Gallery: GMC Sierra CarbonPro Bed Test Commercial

The commercial focuses on GMC's torturing the CarbonPro bed by taking into a wind-testing facility that's capable of producing hurricane-force gusts. The team then launches things like wood beams, bricks, and gravel into it. The long-version of the spot (above) shows how some of the beds' of the Sierra's competitors handle the same abuse.

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The concept for the commercial is similar to a GMC promo video from 2019 that shows the company torture testing the CarbonPro bed. In that clip, the company drops things like a sledgehammer, cinderblock, and 55-gallon drum into the cargo area and records the results in slow motion. The carbon fiber shrugs off all the punishment.

A third-party test by the folks at The Fast Lane Truck showed similar results. Dropping a boat anchor, cinder blocks, and even a chainsaw into the bed was only able to scuff its surface.

The CarbonPro bed weighs 62 pounds (28 kilograms) less than the metal version – a 25 percent weight savings. The truck maker touts the panel is also dent, scratch, and corrosion-resistant. The upgrade is available as a package on certain configurations of the Sierra 1500 Denali and AT4. The company intends to increase availability in the future and even offer the option on the Chevrolet Silverado eventually.

There's a rumor that the Sierra and its Chevy Silverado sibling might showcase interior improvements for the 2021 model year. The changes would allegedly include a new design for the center stack and better materials. There might also be tweaks to the Duramax diesel engine that would boost the towing rating.

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