Cramming all the essentials into a camper van is both a challenge and an opportunity. Companies and outfitters are continuing to think of new ways to utilize space in a camper van, and the latest offering from Germany’s Queensize Camper is a doozy. It features a slide-out kitchen that can fold, disassemble, and change as needed, resulting in a variety of storage options, layouts, and uses.

The key to the whole design is the slide-out kitchen, which uses ball-bearing rails as opposed to telescoping rails. This piece holds the kitchen – a ceramic, dual-burner gas top and sink – fridge, and wine rack. It can transform into a tabletop that can slide to serve the diners who are sitting in the swivel front seats. The setup is tall, yet foldable, and offers plenty for most camper van enthusiasts. 

When you’re done cooking, eating, or finishing some work, the entire tabletop and kitchen collapse, creating a level surface for the nearly queen-size bed. The bed requires the front seats swiveled around, but placing the bed near the front means there’s additional storage at the rear along with a rear toilet room and toilet-top sink. It’s not the most luxurious facility in the world, but it’s far better than stumbling around in the dark looking for a cozy tree. The toilet replaces the shower. 

Gallery: Queensize Camper Inside Two Van

According to New Atlas, Queensize calls the Inside Two, and its wonderful sliding kitchen apparatus, a concept even though it appears listed on the company’s website for €7,200 (approximately $8,000 at current exchange rates). However, that price doesn’t include the toilet. Queensize Camper designed the kitchen and other components to fit the floor rails of the VW T5/T6 and Multivan models, which the price also doesn’t include. 

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