These pictures show the latest spy photos of Audi's new compact SUV, the Q5, scheduled for a 2009 debut. The Q5 will be a five-seat four-by-four produced in cooperation with Porsche. Expect Audi to offer four- and six-cylinder petrol- and diesel-engines, whereas the Porsche version will be equipped with more powerful petrol engines, in the 300 - 400 bhp range. To improve cost efficiency the Q5 and the Porsche sibling will be based on the Audi A4 platform and development costs will be shared between Porsche and VW Group, of which Porsche owns 31%. Beyond the stakeholder relationship, both companies have valuable knowledge to bring to the table: Audi has four-wheel-drive-system, DSG-transmission and aluminium spaceframe chassis know-how, and Porsche valuable engineering resources. Audi's investments in its Ingolstadt plant, where the Q5 will be built, are reported to be around $400 million. Stay tuned for more Q5 news!

Audi Q5 Spy Photos