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It’s as imposing as Darth Vader. It’s longer than a Star Destroyer. It weighs as much as the Death Star, and its steering is as precise as a Storm Trooper’s aim. Okay, we’ll cool it with the Star Wars similes but come on, we’re talking about the Chrysler Imperial here. This massive two-door example of 1970’s American automotive design is everything you either love or hate about the decade that brought us, well, Star Wars. Okay, that’s the last reference. Seriously.

Yes folks, the big Imperial is the latest classic car to fall under the digital knife belonging to The Sketch Monkey on YouTube. He’s not shy with the makeovers lately, though this time around he admits to this Imperial project falling more into the category of a restomod as opposed to a modern interpretation. As such, attention isn’t given to the whole car, and not just because it’s the size of Jabba the Hutt’s bathroom [Smith, you really need to knock this off—Ed.] 

Chrysler Imperial Restomod Redesign
Chrysler Imperial Restomod Redesign

Rather, the goal here is to preserve the classic Chrysler's size and shape, which is further emphasized by the wide, horizontal grille up front. That’s where the crux of this makeover happens, and the long grille is replaced with a long light bar that connects three vertical LED headlight strips on either end. The round Chrysler hood ornament is left alone on the hood, but you know, if it was a bit larger and mounted in the center of that bar, the new front clip would totally look like a TIE Fighter [Last warning, this is, not a ‘Rise of Skywalker’ rewrite—Ed.]

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That’s not to say the rest of the car is ignored entirely. A properly fat set of wheels and tires adorn the four corners, and the landau roof is ditched in favor of a smooth transition into the acres-long quarter panel. In some ways, the subtle change gives the Imperial a Ute appearance with the massive trunk becoming a pickup bed. Given the size of the car, such a transport could probably smuggle more goods than the… [DON’T’ say it—Ed.], largest full-size truck currently offered by Ram.

The last time we saw the Imperial in production was in 1993, when it was just a shadow of its former self on a modified K-car platform. An Imperial concept car emerged in 2006, but with rising fuel costs it never materialized further. Seeing this rendering, however, makes us rather nostalgic for a proper Imperial resurrection. Are you listening, Chrysler? Bring this car back without any backstory whatsoever and call it the Palpatine [That’s it Smith, you’re demoted to Lada duty for the next two weeks pending an evaluation of your nerd cred—Ed.]

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