When you're in the market for a vehicle that's truly yours, not only are you expected to pay top dollar, you're also looking at a ton of options to make it truly unique; one of a kind, even. For the guys over at ECD Automotive Design, it's all part of an everyday build. The guys over at ECD are the top choice when it comes to restoring and customizing Land Rover Defenders and other classic Land Rovers in the United States, and they're no stranger to tearing apart perfectly good $3,000 Recaros in order to meet the demands of customers. Besides, it's all part of the bill, and everything about their process is done in-house for maximum quality control. 

Gallery: Tearing Apart $3,000 Recaro Seats

While the Recaro seats in the video are top-notch, the needs of customers vary. So it's not unusual to receive requests to completely redo the leather and replace them with even better quality materials. Heck, maybe they even want to throw in some perforation with some heating and ventilating options. In terms of spec and fit, the seat stays the same, but with added functionality or comfort. Even before the seat itself reaches the shop, they're already preparing the proper materials, cutting the foam, and preparing the design. Once it reaches the shop, it's all a matter of applying the new options, and that consists of taking apart the seat and properly putting it back together like nothing happened. There's always a way to make things better, right?

Of course, this is all part of an already expensive build for a customer, so the seats are just a small part or cost of the entire project. Besides, the seats are what you're gonna be using all the time you're in your custom Land Rover, might as well make it the best it can be. 


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