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The mid-engined Pontiac Fiero has been the subject of some strange builds over the years, but this Feiro tricycle is the weirdest yet. If you’re looking to purchase one of the maddest modified cars we’ve seen, look no further than this Nevada Craigslist posting

The seller claims they purchased this Fiero tri-cycle from a local diesel mechanic, who seems to have had a lot of time on their hands. Enough time, in fact, to cut off the front of a working Fiero and graft on the front suspension from a Harley Davidson Road King Motorcycle. 

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This strange 1985 Fiero has been lovingly maintained by the current owner, who recently replaced the alternator and battery. The seller even went to work in an attempt to rehab the air conditioning system but ran out of funds while chasing a leak within the system.

Thanks to a license that lists this 1985 Fiero as an assembled vehicle, this three-wheeled wonder is road legal. The seller claims the Three-wheelaero is a “blast” to drive, citing its superb road manners on the highway, we’ll take their word for it.

Based on the seller’s photos, this Fiero certainly looks like it’s worth around the $2,500 asking price. There’s hardly any exterior bodywork left, and the remaining panels need paint and significant repair. That being said, the interior is in shockingly good condition which is in part, thanks to the shaggy seat covers offered with the sale. 

For some reason, Feiro owners can’t leave their cars alone. Some owners turn their Fiero into Ferrari replicas, Ford GT40 race car imposters, or even lift them on 4x4 frames. It seems that nobody wants to own a stock, Fiero. Even this manual transmission 1985 Fiero, with a perfect interior, was chopped to pieces only to gain a moment of internet fame. Well, such is the life of GM’s forgotten mid-engined sports car.

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