Eagles parking only.

Call up your favorite Eagles fan, because Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz is selling his custom Dodge Demon. This is the perfect gift for that Eagles fan who just can’t get over last week’s playoff loss to the Seahawks. But what does an NFL quarterback do to customize the already wild Dodge Demon?

The Dodge Demon starts out life as one of the gnarliest road cars ever built. Thanks to its supercharged 840 horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine, the Demon has the production car quarter-mile record with a scorching 9.65-second time. To achieve this impressive quarter-mile time, owners need to switch out their front tires for a set of drag specific skinnies which are included with the sale of Wentz’s Demon.

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To make the Demon his own, Caron had his car painted in an Eagles friendly F8 Green paint scheme to make sure you know where his allegiance lies. Moving to the interior, Wentz had the headrests stitched with his football number, 11, and his own signature in case he forgot how to spell his name. Wentz also had a custom sound system installed into the trunk with green accent lighting to match the paint scheme.

Open the door and there’s a custom puddle light that projects a vintage Eagles logo on to the ground in case any bystanders mistake you for a Patriots fan. Wentz also it a set of custom Giovanna wheels which work to accent the green paint but probably don’t help the ride quality due to their large size.

The dealership offering this one of a kind piece of both Eagles and Dodge history is asking $149,984, which is a reasonable price compared to used Demons owned by normal people. The dealership also states it will make a donation in the buyer’s name to Carson Wentz’s A01 Foundation. Donations, Caron Wentz’s Autograph, and an 840 horsepower muscle car, this purchase seems like a perfect gift for your favorite Eagles fan.