If you're reading this article, we're pretty sure that once in your life you've tried to assemble a scale model toy on your own – and maybe failed. We understand, really. It isn't an easy feat, especially if it's as detailed as this one from a video uploaded by Laser Creation-World.

The particular model in this assembly and detailing video is a GAZ 66 – a Russian 4x4 off-road military truck. This model is famous in the Soviet Union as the main cargo vessel for motorized infantry – a reliable workhorse that's tested by time.

Gallery: GAZ 66 Light Truck 1:35 Scale

The GAZ 66 has ended production more than 20 years ago, but it's immortalized in this 1:35 scale model toy. As you can see in the images in the gallery above, the final product is incredibly detailed, complete with rusts, dirt, and other abuse that GAZ 66 trucks received during their service.

Furthermore, the GAZ 66 isn't limited to military use. In fact, because of its off-road capability and reliability, it's also a perfect base for a camper and motorhome. Case in point, the scale model toy on the video is an old example of how an old GAZ 66 camper truck would look like.

Fortunately, Laser Creation-World graced us with the steps on how to make this awesome creation, including the minute details on the wheels, cargo, and the wooden camper that's carried by the vehicle.

If you can spare 33 minutes of your time, don't hesitate to watch the video on top of this page. Let this serve as your inspiration in making your own scale model toy, and do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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