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Slow news? Time for some weird story to end your week.

So, what do you get if you combine a senior-stock-photography-model-turned-meme celebrity, a Fiat Multipla, and a professional drifter? This – a series of videos featuring an ugly car turned rally car turned drift car turned scrap metal. Confused? Let me try and explain this to you.

Hide The Pain Harold, or simply Harold or Maurice, is a meme celebrity, which grew famous in the past decade with his facial expression on stock photos that seem to be hiding pain. If you're like us who have been spending quite some time on the interwebs, you probably have seen this guy before.

Little did we know, Harold owns a legendary car – a Fiat Multipla, one of the ugliest cars the world has ever seen. This car is so ugly, even The Sketch Monkey had a hard time redesigning it

Amon Oliver, a professional drifter from Hungary, decided to buy this Multipla in the middle of 2019, to which he decided to have some fun with. It was a series of Multipla videos, which gained traction because of its nonsensical entertainment value.

Here's the first of this video series:


Oliver sure had a great time with this Multipla throughout the second half of last year. He made it a drift car, a WRC contender, and then finally, converted it into a convertible by, err, chopping off the roof. It couldn't get weirder than that, could it?

But 2020 marks the end of an era – Harold's Multipla has to come to an end. Oliver decided to end the car's life and what better way to do that than by running over a tank on it.

Watch the video on top of this page to see how Oliver did it. There was a bit of a chase scene but don't worry, we think Harold wasn't hurt.

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