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The Ford Mustang is a familiar sight at drag strips throughout the United States. With the current-generation S550 model going global as of 2015, the infamous pony is now getting quarter-mile workouts around the world. This time around, Car Magazine SA brings us another Ford-versus-Toyota matchup with a deliciously green Mustang Bullitt facing down a silver Supra.

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If this all seems a bit familiar, the same group lined up a Mustang and Supra last September for a straight-line speed contest, and they brought a new BMW Z4 along for extra grins. The ‘Stang in that matchup was a GT, and to refresh your memory on that run, the Blue Oval finished last against the BMW-Toyota twins. It was a close race, however, with the Mustang crossing the 400-meter line in 13.16 seconds. The Supra finished with a 12.83 elapsed time, and the BMW was just in front of the Mustang at 13.02 seconds.

This new race swaps the 460-horsepower (343-kilowatt) GT for a 480-hp (358-kW) Bullitt. Meanwhile, the Supra soldiers on with its claimed 335-hp (250-kW) turbocharged inline-six. Both cars are obviously rear-wheel drive, and while the Supra is lighter by roughly 300 pounds, on paper it seems the power-to-weight difference shouldn’t be enough for the Toyota to take a win. After all, the Mustang has a whopping 145-hp (108-kW) advantage – or does it?

Toyota obviously sticks to its guns on the Supra’s horsepower rating, but numerous dyno sessions suggest the BMW-sourced mill might actually produce close to 400 hp (298 kW) at the crankshaft. That’s a significant difference, but even then, the Bullitt still holds a distinct power advantage. Furthermore, both cars are capable of dipping well into the 12-second range for quarter-mile runs. In other words, this should be a good race.

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But it isn’t. Performance figures at prepped drag strips seldom translate to real-world driving, and this video shows just what that looks like. We don’t always spoil the outcome on drag racing clips, but the Bullitt returned a slower time than the Mustang GT did in Car Magazine SA’s previous video. The Supra’s quick-shifting automatic is faster with cog swaps than the old-school manual in the Bullitt; combine that with a slow launch and the mighty Mustang sees Supra taillights with distance to spare.

Is the Bullitt really that unwieldy on the street, or would this outcome be different with a driver more adept at launching and banging gears? Let us know your thoughts on this showdown.

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