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Late last year, a German expert detailed the modifications that need to be done to the Tesla Cybertruck so that the all-electric pickup could be certifiable in Europe. The safety and emissions standards on the Old Continent are becoming ever stricter but it’s a different story in Russia, where cars like the 2020 Lada 4x4 still have no airbags or electronic assist systems. It’s the land where the Cybertruck could probably be registered for use on public roads even in its prototype form. The land of freedom where everyone can build their own Cybertruck.

We were definitely expecting this and the folks from the Garage54 channel on YouTube didn’t disappoint. The crazy garage for weird custom creations is now working on its own version of the Cybertruck and things are looking quite promising at this stage.

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The team used an old UAZ off-roader as a foundation for its new project. In fact, it’s the very same car that Garage54 literally cemented last year but for this new experiment, the layers of concrete need to be gone. After what looks like a long and exhausting process of removing the concrete and disassembling the car, the UAZ is finally ready to start its new life as a futuristic truck.

Garage54 then elongated the chassis frame of the vehicle and put massive off-road tires to match the look of the Cybertruck. In the second video (available only in Russian so far), the experts build the body panel by panel and window by window. In the end, it looks a lot like the original Cybertruck and the elongated driveshaft guarantees the all-wheel-drive capability is still present.

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