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Tesla's vehicles are a fairly common sight in drag race videos, but we rarely see all of the brand's competing at once. Auto Trader UK solves this by pitting a Model 3, Model X Long Range, and Model S P100D against each other. In a second round, a Model 3 Performance joins the challenge.

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The first race has fairly expected results. The Model S P100D runs away from the pack. The Model X and Model 3 stay fairly close to each other, but the crossover manages to stay ahead.

The race with the Model 3 Performance makes things more interesting. Naturally, the higher power makes the vehicle faster than the standard one, but watch the race to see if it can beat the Model S P100D.

It would be interesting to see this race repeated with the new $2,000 Acceleration Boost upgrade for the dual-motor Model 3 Long Range. It reportedly lets the vehicle hit 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 3.9 seconds, rather than the stock 4.4 seconds. The improvement only requires an over-the-air update to install.

In the future, Autotrader UK would need to add more lanes to the track to accommodate the Model Y, Cybertruck, and eventually the new Roadster. Although, seeing the top performance variant of each one racing against each other could make for quite a video and would be a fascinating comparison. We just have to wait a few years for them all to arrive before seeing it.

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