Ice fishing. It can be a relaxing way to spend a winter’s day, until you realize your lure isn’t the only thing of yours that’s underwater. That’s exactly what happened to dozens of fisherman in Russia on January 4, after a crack developed on Voevoda Bay in the far southeast reaches of the country not far from Vladivostok. And as the headline already reveals, this mishap wasn’t limited to just a couple of cars.

According to a report from Metro, upwards of 37 vehicles were involved in the incident. Apparently, fishermen had parked just offshore in a neat row, and the ice was clearly a bit too thin for such weight in one area. From what we can gather in video footage, once the ice started to crack it followed the row of parked cars quite neatly from one end to another. Some were only partially stuck but other vehicles were completely submerged.

Fortunately, the report states there were no casualties but there’s no mention of possible injuries. It’s unclear if anyone was around – or in – any of the cars as the ice gave way. We suspect it must’ve been a crazy spectacle to see and hear, as it’s not every day an entire freaking parking lot succumbs to the sea. Emergency workers had freed 27 vehicles as of January 5. The fate of the remaining vehicles is unknown.

Voevoda Bay empties into the Sea of Japan and is just south of Vladivostok. In addition to the weight of all the vehicles, mild temperatures in the region apparently contributed to the ice being a bit soft. Here’s hoping everyone affected by this chilling experience enjoys slightly better luck as we move forward into the roaring ‘20s.

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