It helps create a line from headlight to headlight.

Car design is a fickle thing. A misplaced design line or an awkward angle can turn a good-looking into an ugly duckling, and that’s the last thing any automaker wants. That’s why Cadillac’s grille badge location is so high – it’s all about design cohesiveness. Cadillac Society recently asked several Cadillac designers about the high badge placement in the grille, and the publication received interesting responses. 

The high-placed badge creates a visual bridge between the headlights that bookend the grille, naturally connecting the three. Cadillac’s horizontal headlights and vertical accent lighting are new. Previous Cadillacs featured vertical headlights, allowing the badge to sit centered in the grille. 

Moving the badge to the center of a Cadillac’s grille would make the badge appear to be “falling,” according to the publication. The badge’s higher position is also possible thanks to bigger grilles, which gives Cadillac designers the space needed to experiment with the badge’s location. This new grille location is seen on the Cadillac XT6, Cadillac CT6, and other refreshed or new Cadillac models.

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To the untrained eye, the Cadillac badge draws no unwanted attention for its unique placement. It’s easy to overlook these small design decisions, but design works best when it doesn’t get in the way, and Cadillac’s high badges don’t distract. It’s these little things that help enhance a vehicle’s design, creating a visually appealing and proportioned package. 

As cars, crossovers, and SUVs continue to grow in size and variety, the larger grilles will provide ample space for a variety of badge placements. If Cadillac keeps its horizontal headlights and vertical accent lights, then expect the badge to sit in the grille’s upper region for the near future. 

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