Way more entertaining than reading your owner's manual.

Are you one of those types of people that like to take some times out of their busy day to read up on the owner's manual of your own vehicle? No? Well, you're honestly missing out. There's a ton of tiny bits of knowledge built into some of the features of modern cars these days, and most of them vary per manufacturer. In the case of some premium brands, the idea of having an actual hard copy in your glovebox is too pedestrian, opting instead for a built-in manual on the infotainment screen, complete with interactive images and short movies explaining all the nuances. For BMW, however, they took thing a step further before the 1990s. In this video by Retro OEM Video Repo (ROVR), someone was able to dig up 30 minutes worth of live-action instructional footage regarding all the features of the 1989 7 Series (750il).

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While the actual footage is too long to watch in one sitting, let alone being able to absorb every bit of information in one go, we assume that the film was meant to be fast-forwarded to specific sections of interest. The best part here is listening to the cheesy music and actual quotes from supposed BMW owners, such as "The more I drive my new 7, the more I enjoy it", as well as "It's simple to operate", and "It handles like a dream". If anything, it's pretty fascinating to see how much technology was packed into a 7 Series at the time, with things such as speed sensitive intermittent wipers that have selectable timing that can be adjusted to what you deem as necessary. A little overkill, don't you think? 

The video goes into extreme detail with many things, including the several automatic climate control buttons, the in-car computer that relied on calculator buttons to display things like range and different trips, as well as an awesome (for the time) Dolby equipped sound system with cassette and six CD changer. And yes, we aren't going to ignore the fact that George, the supposed BMW tech who painstakingly explains each function, is either a time traveller, or a spontaneous moustache grower. Watch the video above or through this link for some nifty car tech mixed with truly awful acting. 


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