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With the year 2019 officially over, automobile manufacturers are finally running their sales numbers. While some brands are looking at a pretty good positive growth, it seems that Nissan Group in the United States has had better days. Sales numbers for Nissan and Infiniti have shown negative growth overall (-8.7% and -21.1% respectively), with only a few cars actually showing positive numbers when compared to 2018. In total, Nissan sold 1,227,973 vehicles in 2019, and Infiniti managed 117,708. Nissan's most performance oriented vehicles, the 370Z and GT-R, have only sold 2,384 and 331 units respectively, down from the 3,468 and 538 of the entirety of 2018, resulting in a -31.3% and -38.5% figure. 

You'd think that crossovers would be doing much better, right? Unfortunately, the Kicks is the only one showing some impressive growth, almost doubling its sales to 58,193 for 2019 when compared to the 23,312 units of 2018, resulting in a 149.6% increase. The Murano and Rogue both only sold a 2019 year total of 68,361 and 350,447 respectively, a double digit decrease in percentage when compared to 83,547 and 412,110 of 2018. One of the few vehicles to get a steady 12% growth every month is the Altima, an impressive mid-size sedan that had us liking it quite a bit. It closed 2019 with 209,183 units sold, with 19,132 in December alone. The Nissan Armada more or less stayed at a decent number of 32,044 in total sales for the year that was, but picked up a bit in the last month of 2019, resulting in 2,967 units when compared to 2,874 units of 2018; a 3.2% growth.

Interesting to note is that Nissan's NV line has been successful in outselling its 2018 numbers, with the NV ending with 20,022 units and the NV 200 closing with 18,768 units sold for 2019. Small improvements to the 16,902 and 18,628 of 2018. As for Infiniti and the rest of the Nissan Group cars, let's just hope that 2020 is a better year overall for them. Check out the rest of the numbers here


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