The distillation of the perfect home is here!

Are you fed up with your oversized home? Do you wish that you could simply tow away your home from your annoying neighbors? Well, this mother-daughter duo may have found the perfect solution with this tiny home built for two. 

I’ve always been fascinated with the mystique and flexibility of the ever-growing van life trend. This close-knit community of van-based nomads enjoys the flexibility and freedom from possessions that allows for a unique take on life. Instead of buying the biggest house they could afford, to fill with possessions they don’t need, the van life community simply skips this societal pitfall. Instead, trading in stuff for experiences. 

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Although the romance of living in a van has captured my imagination, I’ve always wondered how easy it is to get worn out. What about a bathroom? Personal space? Or even the possibility of pets? Well, this mother-daughter team may have found the perfect middle ground with their tiny home on wheels. 

The tiny home featured in today’s video still allows for mobility and the downsizing of unnecessary possessions while offering a full-sized bathroom and personal space. The intelligently designed home even offers enough space for a cat and dog to coexist in harmony. 

When downsizing into a tiny home, one of the most important things to consider is storage space. Today’s featured tiny home has storage is just about every square inch of available space. The staircase has drawers, the couch houses their crockpot, and their kitchen has an integrated pantry drawer. 

If you’re tired of maintaining a full-sized home but don’t want to make the leap to the evergrowing van life movement, a tiny home may be a great middle-ground. Much like buying a car, you won’t know if this is the correct move until you take a test drive so get out there and give it a shot! 

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