Toyota Motor North America has released its December 2019 and year-end sales report. The Japanese brand was able to sell a total of 2,383,349 vehicles. Despite the number, the marque suffered a 1.8 percent decrease in sales versus 2018's numbers, both in volume and daily selling rate basis.

Part of this sales number was the brand's halo car, the Supra. Toyota sold a total of 2,884 units of the two-seat sports coupe in 2019. The 86, the other Toyota sports car, sold better than the Supra at 3,398 units sold. In December of the same year, however, there were more Supra units sold than the 86, at 404 versus 276, respectively.

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It's also notable that Toyota's cars have seen a dip in sales in 2019 when compared to its total in 2018. Toyota has seen a 4 percent decrease in sales, with the exception of the Corolla. The compact car has seen a 0.4 percent increase in sales in 2019, led by a best-ever year performance of its hatchback version with a 5.2 percent increase.

On the other hand, huge Toyota SUVs sold well in 2019, amassing a total of 882,162 units versus the 875,372 units of 2018. This was led by the RAV4, which marked an all-time best-ever year, up 4.9 percent sales. The RAV4 Hybrid finished 2019 with a 92.3 percent sales increase, year-over-year.

Toyota's pickup truck division suffered a bit of a loss, though. While the Tacoma sold better in 2019 with 248,801 units sold, the bigger Tundra suffered a dip – a 5.6 percent dip to be exact – which brought down the total Toyota pickup sales numbers by 0.9 percent compared to 2018.

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