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Ever since the invention of automobiles, one fact remains constant – wheels are round. That's because it's the perfect shape to use in order for the vehicle to, you know, move forward or back. We don't think that will ever change in the near future. Well, until we perfect hovering technology and flying cars, but I digress.

These guys from Youtube's WhistlinDiesel, however, wanted to see what it's like to have square wheels on a GMC Sierra, with the video on top of this page. Of course, it would be a bumpy ride, but I think their main goal here is to disprove what Mythbusters has done before with a truck with square wheels. Here's the video for reference:

In the Mythbusters video, they were only get up to around 18 miles per hour on the pavement. We think WhistlinDiesel was trying to make it faster than what Mythbusters did. We think they did, but there are major differences.

While Mythbusters did it on concrete, the GMC Sierra rolled on dirt. Also, initially, the Sierra rolled on four square wheels before it got stuck. Then they continue with only two square wheels at the back for the better parts of the video, making this an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Although, let's not take this video too seriously. It sure looked like a lot of fun. It isn't also the first time that we've seen someone fit square wheels on an automobile. Our favorite Dutch mechanic, Master Milo, did the same before but on an Opel Corsa hatchback.

The moral of the story? Well, we're just glad wheels have always been round since the beginning.

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