It was just yesterday when we talked about an adventurous couple who turned an old Mercedes-Benz T2 609D bus into a mobile home, and today we are happy to share the story of yet another couple who is tired of working 60+ hours a week to sustain the typical lifestyle. Meet Ginger and Greg, who turned traveling into their new lifestyle and not just a vacation.

After owning a camper van for approximately two weeks, the couple decided it needs something bigger and more practical to meet all their needs for a life on the road. It all started with a Ford F-550 purchased from Canada as a flat-bed truck used as a foundation of the future motorhome.

Gallery: Ford F-550 turned into motorhome

The 20-minute video at the top of this page details the processes of turning an old heavy-duty truck into the dream rolling house - and we must admit the work done by Ginger and Greg is simply fantastic. They designed and built most of the camper’s sections, including the storage compartment and the living area, almost entirely by themselves. 

Obviously, it’s the couple’s dream life but, as Greg says in the video, living on the road is not always rainbows and butterflies but it's still worth it. “At some point in time, it can be frustrating. Every day something can break or will break. But every day you meet new people that are nice and the community is awesome.”

The couple’s next step is to visit Mexico and Central and South America. You can follow their adventures through their YouTube and Instagram channels. 

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