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Ah yes, the glorious Pontiac Aztek. When it hit the streets in 2001, Mustang II and Gremlin fans rejoiced as the awkward SUV instantly became the new poster child for ugly automobiles. Oddly enough, it developed a cult following – especially after its pseudo-starring role as Walter White’s ride in the AMC series Breaking Bad – but it endures as the epitome of unattractive rides around the world.

It’s also an irresistible challenge for modern-day designers like The Sketch Monkey on YouTube to tackle. This is his second go at the Aztek; we covered his first attempt of a facelift in May 2019, and while improvements were made, our consensus was that it still had the face only a mother – or possibly a struggling chemistry teacher cooking up meth on the side – could love.

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This time, attention is given to the Aztek’s backside, and according to the video, it wasn’t an easy process. Indeed, you’re looking the three days’ worth of agony and frustration condensed into 10 minutes, though we think it was time well spent. The video explains the Aztek’s two main problems – bonkers proportions and body lines that don’t coexist – and the end-result here really does an admirable job of addressing those issues.

Pontiac Aztek Redesign Screenshot
Pontiac Aztek Redesign Screenshot

For reasons we don’t fully understand, there’s something very Honda-esque about this. Add some crazy vents and sharp edges and maybe, just maybe, this could be a future Civic-based crossover. Anyone else getting this vibe, or are we still suffering the deleterious effects from too many vodka tonics at the New Year’s Eve party?

In any case, we’d say this redesign is a definite improvement on the Aztek. Now we’re wondering how good a Gremlin might look with a few modern updates. 

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