There’s absolutely no question that tiny homes, off-grid living, and adventurous camping expeditions are thriving in the #vanlife world. We’ve seen everything frommassive city buses to small Subaru station wagons converted for camper duty, and now we have a former ambulance enjoying a second life as an all-inclusive home-away-from-home.

This awesome ambulance comes to us courtesy of Tiny Home Tours on YouTube. Tom Roszko is the man behind this build, which started with a Chevrolet C4500 medium-duty truck. There’s Duramax diesel power under the hood, and the four-wheel-drive powertrain is stock save for a set of big off-road tires that helps the motorhome get to seriously remote destinations. The rig used to be an all-terrain ambulance for Yellowstone National Park, so it’s rather appropriate that it now carries Roszko to other amazing destinations throughout North America.

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Roszko did the camper conversion himself, and as with any compact build, utilizing all available space is key. A full-size bed run perpendicular at the rear, mounted up high to accommodate a small garage for bicycles accessible at the rear. A small dinette and full kitchen are nestled between the bed and the side entrance, with a full bathroom including a stand-up shower and toilet positioned at the front of the living area. A sliding door closes off the bathroom when not in use, and a pass-through to the van’s interior allows Rozsko to stay completely inside when he stops, if he so chooses.


Creativity in this build is everywhere. The composting toilet, for example, features a low opening since people use the toilet while seated. That leaves space above the throne room for additional storage, and across from that is a small custom-fabricated square bathroom sink that takes up very little space in the shower. The sliding door for the facilities also houses a flat-screen television, and the pantry can be accessed through a door on the outside to load up with food without going into the van. A modest refrigerator and freezer stores cold food, and cooking is handled with a two-burner stove or microwave. This small package literally has all the amenities of home.

Speaking of which, it holds 75 gallons of fresh water, and Roszko created an intricate water filtration system that allows him to utilize even sketchy pond water for drinking. Electrical power comes from lithium batteries and a 3000-watt inverter, supplemented by 1,300 watts of solar power from the roof. Thanks to the van’s ambulance heritage, its electrical system was already robust when Roszko got it and he simply enhanced what was already there.

This isn’t the first converted ambulance we’ve seen, but the custom creation is certainly impressive to behold. From clever use-of-space inside to all the storage outside and four-wheel-drive capability, we suspect this home has seen places few people ever reach.

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