This would be an exceptional halo car for the brand.

Maserati’s roadmap to the future includes new models and electrification throughout its lineup. Strangely, it omits a much-needed – essential – single-seat speedster. We know Maserati will launch an all-new sports car next year, which will feature an electrified variant and usher in a new electrified ear for the brand. It will replace the GranTurismo for a year, though Maserati should go bigger. Competition is fierce as more and more automakers vie for the eyes  – and dollars – of EV enthusiasts, and what better way to make a statement than a radically designed halo car like the rendering above?

It’s called the Maserati MilleMiglia and comes from artist Luca Serafini, who used the open-wheeled Maserati 250F and 6CM as inspiration for his creation. The MilleMiglia rendering lacks the open-wheeled design of yesteryear’s race cars – safety regulations be damned – however, the wheels are pushed to the four corners of the low-slung speedster. 

The MilleMiglia rendering features a curvaceous body with swooping lines cascading across the car’s sheet metal. Finished in Italian Avio, the halo car pairs classic Maserati styling with modern design cues. The LED daytime running lights are stunning, as are the rear taillights and unique third brake light that runs vertically up the rear. Small details like the side mirror stalks look great as do the doors that have a hinge at the rear and open upward. 

Gallery: Maserati MilleMiglia Concept Rendering

Inside, the Maserati MilleMiglia is just as detailed with sand beige throughout. There’s exposed carbon fiber, including the pentagon-shaped steering wheel, and other high-end materials inside the driver-focused interior. The driver sits in the middle of the car in a carbon-fiber tub, which has what appear to be small infotainment screens embedded in them. A five-point racing harness provides safety. 

Maserati has big plans for the next few years with refreshed and new models bolstering the lineup. Would it be nice to see an electrified Maserati halo car? There’s no doubt it would garner plenty of press, but headlines don’t translate into sales, making such a car is unlikely.

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