According to a recent report, Fiat is developing a Panda XL crossover. It will reportedly be based on the upcoming entry-level Jeep.

According to a recent report, Fiat is developing a "Panda XL" crossover.

Little is known about the model, but Autobild says it will be based on the same platform that underpins the Fiat 500X and the upcoming entry-level Jeep. Both of those models will be built at Fiat's Melfi plant and production is slated to begin early next year.

It remains unclear if the Panda XL will be larger than its platform mates but Fiat has previously said the Small Wide architecture can be "easily adapted to produce even larger vehicles." The company also hinted the Melfi plant will build four different models, so it's safe to assume the Panda XL will be built alongside the entry-level Jeep and the Fiat 500X.

There's no word on what will power the crossovers, but they should be offered with an optional all-wheel drive system.

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