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The first examples of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 are arriving at dealers and getting into the hands of eager owners. For a taste of how the new muscle car performs, Drag Times gets ahold of two of them – one stock and the other lightly tuned – for races against the Ford GT supercar. 

Rather than taking place on a drag strip, these runs are on roads in an industrial park. While racing in public is dangerous, Drag Times at least chooses an area with little traffic, and the black SUV in the clip appears to be acting as a spotter. 

The stock GT500 in this clip is just a day away from delivery at the dealer. The owner is already happy to push it hard. After warming up the transmission, the car is ready to launch. 

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Here's where the GT500 shows a potential weakness. The car initially launches fine, but the traction control then seems to cut the power momentarily. To make matters more difficult, the launch control doesn't work with the traction control off. Perhaps on a prepared drag strip, this issue wouldn't be so noticeable, though.

Since it's the highlight of the video, we won't spoil how the Mustangs perform against the GT. Drag Times tweaks the GT500's adjustable launch control to a variety of rpm points to see how they change the straight-line performance.

After both Mustangs race the GT, then the two GT500s go against each other, and the results are interesting. Even with this slight tune, the modified example falls behind slightly at the start, but it then gets an edge as speeds increase. The owner's next step is to install a new supercharger pulley and delete the catalytic converters, which should result in a major boost in power.

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