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Over the years, the Dodge Challenger has worn several hats. When the two-door arrived in 2008, hot on the heels of the popular, retro-restyled Mustang, it offered ample performance for its size. Since then, Dodge has worked to refine the chassis and handling while cramming massive amounts of horsepower under the hood. One pinnacle of the Challenger’s horsepower insanity happened in 2015 with the Challenger SRT Hellcat, a 707-horsepower (527-kilowatt) muscle car monster. This new rendering from Abimelec Design imagines a Hellcat track car with all the track-day fixings. 

The track-day Challenger rendering shows the iconic design, virtually unchanged since 2008, with a massive black rear wing, which dwarfs the factory spoiler. The wing means serious business, connecting to the rear bumper and top of the trunk. The fat wheels and lowered suspension give the Challenger a long, low, and wide stance – perfect for the race track.  

Gallery: Dodge Challenger Hellcat Track Car Rendering

Up at the front, the Challenger rendering shows off a black-painted front clip, which contrasts nicely with the gray on the rest of the car. The headlights, along with much of the grille and lower fascia, are missing, necessary for the additional cooling race cars need. There’s an adjustable lower, front lip spoiler and vented hood, too.  

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For now, the track-day challenger is nothing more than a rendering, the creation of someone’s imagination. The Dodge Challenger’s future is hazy. Rumors suggest Dodge could replace the Challenger in 2023, but the automaker refutes the speculation. If the Challenger replacement is still a few years away, then a proper, track-day Dodge Challenger with Hellcat power could be the perfect send-off for the model. It's just a suggestion, Dodge.  

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