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This truck driver didn’t close out 2019 in the best of circumstances, but considering the carnage we see in this ViralHog video, it’s amazing the driver is alive to welcome 2020. In fact, according to a comprehensive report from on the crash, the driver escaped with just minor injuries and was listed as being in good condition following the incident.

The crash occurred the day after Christmas in the smallish town of Fenton, Michigan, approximately 60 miles northwest of Detroit. The driver was headed south on U.S. 23 with a full load of pickles when a mechanical failure occurred, sending the semi careening off the highway. According to the video description, something happened to the steering but the exact nature of the problem is unknown. The driver wasn’t cited for any traffic violation.


There’s never a good time to lose steering control in a loaded semi at speed, but approaching a concrete overpass definitely isn’t an ideal situation for such a failure. The truck careened off the highway and struck the bridge hard – we can see the mangled cab laying on its side in the video. At some point, the truck burst into flames but the driver was free and clear of the wreck by then. If there’s any good news here, it’s that no other vehicles were involved and nobody else was injured.

For that matter, the bridge survived the encounter as well. Inspection teams scoured the structure the day after the crash and found no major damage. It will bear soot and impact marks for a while, but engineers determined it was safe for travel.

It’s rather cliché in accidents like this to say it could’ve been worse, but with all the potential scenarios regarding an out-of-control rig on a busy highway, this turn-of-phrase is most definitely warranted. It indeed could have been much worse. Instead, the only casualties here were a truck and a load of pickles.

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