Over the past couple of years, Misha Caroudin has spent almost everyday driving or instructing on the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit. The man knows the track so well, he once instructed a complete lap while blindfolded. To share his passion for the Ring, Misha invited his Grandma to ride shotgun for a lap in an Audi R8

Misha selected an Audi R8 V10 performance for this grandmother’s first lap of the Nurburgring, which is the perfect car to take your grandmother to 186 miles per hour on a racetrack. This V10 powered supercar produces 600 horsepower and revs to an ear-shattering 8,500rpm. The official top speed of the Audi R8 Performance is listed as 205 mph making it a great car to set a new lifetime top speed record. 

The Audi R8 V10 Performance is the perfect car to take your grandmother around the Nurburgring. The spacious interior makes it fairly easy to get in and out of, which is something that cannot be said for the R8’s Lamborghini cousins. The R8’s lean towards luxury also means it’s not the loudest supercar making for a more comfortable driving experience. 

Regardless of the car he’s driving, Misha makes every lap of the ring a master class in car control. His experience driving ring taxis and instructing every day on the ring means he’s one of the best people to ride along with in the world. If you’re interested in learning how to drive on the Ring, Misha’s Youtube channel offers numerous instructional videos. Many of these videos focus on specific corners and Nurburgring nuances that plague even the most experienced drivers. 

Misha’s grandmother is the perfect passenger on the Ring. She quietly enjoys her time lapping at an impressive pace while her grandson can focus on driving. She’s one tough lady never exhibiting fear which is something not many of us could replicate.

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