Top Gear Season 28 is on its way and looks like one of the best seasons yet. Chris Harris is once again joined by Paddy McGuiness and Freddie Flintoff as the crew navigates challenges across the globe in a host of interesting cars. 

Based on the trailer, there appears to be a series of challenges involving some clapped out used convertibles, a race between a McLaren 720S and the VW ID.R racecar, and Porsche Taycan carving up the test track. This quick overview of the season shows the familiar fun of driving a barely working car through tough situations as well as a deep dive into the latest car technology. 

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On the electrified front, we see the Porsche Taycan and VW ID.R racecar. Electric cars have appeared on Top Gear in previous seasons, most notably the controversial Tesla Roadster review from Season 12. Since then, electric cars have evolved greatly and today they are legitimate performance contenders.

Then there's a drag race between the McLaren Speedtail supercar and a fighter jet. This is a stunt we’ve seen before on Top Gear but it remains one of the greatest visual racing spectacles I’ve seen. The Speetail has a top speed of 250 miles per hour making it the fastest McLaren since the F1’s 240 mph run so it should be an interesting race. 

When it comes to the usual Top Gear antics, there’s a challenge to drive a convertible through an active driving range. There are also cars with steering wheels that shoot water, a crane holding cars above a dam, and a precarious water crossing. 

Finally, this season’s Top Gear special appears to take a trio of classic cars ranging on an off-road adventure. These specials are a personal favorite of the Top Gear season. Seeing some unlikely cars used for an unintended purpose is always a joy.

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