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What's worse than cops pulling you over days before Christmas? Nothing. But what we can tell you is that the tormenting situation above could actually be a good one – especially if the cops that pulled you over were from the Madera County Sheriff's Office.

Instead of handing over traffic tickets to motorists, these Californian deputies gave unsuspecting drivers $100 bills each. There were mixed reactions with good gestures, but all were grateful and shocked by the police department's actions. Some drivers even cried out of joy that the gesture has brought them.


Apparently, the MCSO has been doing these random acts of kindness for the fifth consecutive year. In partnership with the employees of Agriland Farming Company Inc., the MCSO has collected $5,000 – an amount that was handed over to 50 drivers who were pulled over days before Christmas. 

The MCSO posted the event on its Facebook page, with the following caption:

"Operation: Random Acts of Kindness 2019 

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