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Giuliano Daniele from's Italian edition had the special opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Bugatti Chiron with Andy Wallace, the company's test driver. To make the trip even more memorable, he also installed the emblem in the steering wheel of a Chiron that was still undergoing assembly. Check out the experience in the video above, and be sure to click the CC button for English subtitles if you don't speak Italian.

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Daniele reports that the Chiron is rather easy to drive on curvy roads. The steering and brakes have linear responses to the driver's inputs. Plus, the throttle pedal's travel is long, which makes it easy to modulate the gas. The acceleration is still brisk, though, especially in the lower gears.

Daniele then checks out Bugatti's workshop, and the place is immaculate. A team of around 20 people produces one Chiron every two months. The teams largely divide the car into two halves during assembly. The rear of the vehicle holds most of the vital mechanical components like the engine and transmission. The front includes the passenger compartment where the technicians focus on giving the vehicle its luxury. 

Finally, Daniele visits the relatively tiny space where Bugatti keeps some of its most important creations. There's a Type 35 grand prix racer from the 1920s and a gargantuan Royale. Plus, the concept for the Veyron and the first production example are in there, too. The weirdest vehicle on display is a small electric car that Ettore Bugatti used to get around on his farm.

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