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Honda has a knack for creating some wacky mobility concepts like the U3-X and UNI-CUB, but their latest device is actually going into production.

Unceremoniously called the Walking Assist Device (WAD), the exoskeleton-like 'belt' is designed to be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation training.

Using technology pioneered by ASIMO, the WAD has a control computer that activates electric motors "to improve the symmetry of the timing of each leg lifting from the ground and extending forward." Honda says this encourages patients to take longer strides which makes walking easier.

Despite looking relatively bulky, the system weighs less than 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs) and was designed to be worn like a belt.

Honda will soon begin leasing a 100 WADs to hospitals to gain feedback from real-world users. This information will then be used to further improve the functionality and usability of the device.

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