2008 Ford Mustang First to Have Soy Based Seats

The automotive market is branded as one of the major contributors to global warming, and all the car makers are feverishly working on ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Mainly resulting in hybrids in all shapes and sizes which run on relatively cleaner engines. But there are of course more ways to reduce CO2 emissions, the Ford and Lear R&D departments are now about to launch soy-based foam for seat cushions. This new process will be launched on the new 2008 Ford Mustang and reduces carbon dioxide emissions compared to the current petroleum-based polyol foam used for car seats. “Using renewable resources is an important means to supplying automotive products that improve environmental impact,” said Ray Scott, Senior VP and president of Lear’s Seating Systems Division. “This also helps in reducing the amount of pollution in the production of materials for automotive use.” Especially if you consider the numbers involved, an average car uses 30 pounds of single-use foam (making approximately 9 billion pounds annually) where as the new soy-based foam is 24% re-usable. Press release after the jump.

Gallery: 2008 Ford Mustang First to Have Soy Based Seats