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Watching car cleaning and detailing videos is literally one of our favorite activities - and what better time to enjoy one more brilliant clip than the day off work? We thought you may also like watching used cars getting recovered to their brand new condition, and here’s a little Christmas gift from us - a 10-minute video with the full detailing transformation of a 2011 Audi R8 finished in Kingfisher Blue.

The lengthy process begins with a 21-stage exterior wash with a focus on the wheels and special hand care for the door shuts and apertures. The engine bay is carefully brushed which allows the dirt and grease to be rinsed off with ease. The chrome exhaust tips are treated with a metal deoxidizer and brushed to remove soot stains.

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The next step is one of the most thrilling to watch - the car is covered with snow foam to lift dirt from the surface of the paint. You probably think that it is washed away quickly, but instead, the detailing team brushed every panel gap very carefully. Then, the whole car is rinsed again.

While the car is still wet, the detailers use a fresh clay bar to treat the painted sections of the exterior and remove dirt embedded in the clear coat. 

Once the exterior is clean and dry, it’s time for Topaz Detailing to work its magic on the paint through its two-stage machine polishing. Interestingly, carbon fiber sections are treated exactly the same as paint, as are also the headlights and taillights. Topaz says the full Level 2 procedure seen in the video guarantees up to an 80 percent correction factor - one can only imagine what the highest Level 5 detailing process includes.

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