Friends, ‘tis the season for joy, happiness, and yes, holiday antics. We aren’t sure where the obsession with high-speed Christmas Trees originated from, but we’ve seen a few videos over the years featuring folks doing silly things with a tree strapped to the roof. A couple of years ago, Hennessey did a Challenger Hellcat sprint with a tree on the roof to capture a self-proclaimed “world’s fastest Christmas Tree record.” To wrap up the twenty-teens in style, the Texas tuner is back with a 1,000-horsepower Jeep Trackhawk to try and eclipse that previous milestone of 174 mph. Since we mention 181 mph in the headline, the record obviously has fallen.

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Ordinarily, a proper speed run is done in two directions but come on; if you want something serious, you shouldn't be reading an article about hitting a buck eighty with a tree on the roof. To that end, 181 mph may not seem that impressive considering a stock Trackhawk tops out around that speed anyway. With 1,000-hp from its tuned Hellcat V8, shouldn’t this tree-equipped Jeep have gone faster?

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At lower speeds, you probably wouldn’t even notice a tree on the roof but when you start talking about airliner velocities, drag makes a tremendous difference. The burly Jeep is already aerodynamically challenged just by its shape, and the tree – albeit bundled and strapped tight – certainly doesn’t help it slide through the air. So yeah, 181 mph is pretty darned good all things considered.

In case you’re wondering, Hennesseydidn’t just bomb down some empty public highway with cameras in tow. The test took place at Uvalde Proving Grounds in Texas, and there was even a professional driver at the wheel in full racing gear for safety. That safety may have been slightly compromised with two glass ornaments dangling from the rear-view mirror, but when the subject of a speed run is setting a record for the world’s fastest Christmas Tree, some showmanship is required.

As for the tree, it appears to have weathered the category 5 hurricane winds rather well. The lights in the tree even stayed on for the duration of the trip. Here’s hoping it’s now center stage at Hennessey’s shop, adorned with garland and ornaments as it tries to reshape itself after such a trip. Perhaps next year there will be a new record attempt with a Venom F5? A 200-mph Christmas Tree could be interesting.

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