Apparently there's a loophole when it comes to Ford's various employee pricing plans.

The Mustang Mach-E is a very different vehicle for Ford. It’s the company’s first-ever fully electric vehicle built from the ground up. Labeling a four-door crossover as a Mustang is also a first, and it remains an extremely controversial move. Slightly less controversial but still interesting is the automaker's stance that dealers not advertise the Mach-E below MSRP, regardless of incentives that might be available. However, there might be a glitch in the Matrix over that last bit.

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According to a new report from Cars Direct, dealers can advertise special pricing plans that are available to Ford employees, contractors, and various other folks with a connection to the automaker. Most people interested in Ford vehicles are aware of the plan structure, starting with A-Plan pricing for direct Blue Oval employees that, for the Mach-E, will offer a discount 4 percent under MSRP. Z-Plan is for Ford retirees and also offers the same discount, though both plans are also subject to a $275 administrative fee and a .25-percent advertising fee, so it’s not really a 4 percent discount.

D-Plan offers special pricing to employees at Ford dealerships, and for the Mach-E it’s nearly the same as A-Plan pricing but $100 less lucrative. X-Plan is the final program, applicable to people and companies that work with Ford in some measure, as well as friends or acquaintances of anyone with a Blue Oval connection. As such, its definition is broad enough to pretty much include everyone, but with a 2 percent discount plus that $275 administrative fee, it’s the least attractive offer of the bunch.

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There’s no question that Ford regularly offers considerably better discounts on various models throughout the year. Right now, you can get a whopping 20 percent off new Ford Fusions through January 2. Still, the plans open up a door for dealers to tease the Mach-E with lower pricing – albeit slightly lower pricing – as it enters the market late next year.

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