Canadian super car manufacturer Locus is ready to "drop a bomb" on the automotive industry with its new "750 hp" or "1300 hp" powered automobile named the PLETHORE. The 2007 Locus PLETHORE, nicknamed the "Quebec Bomb", is the first Canadian super car that features an exotic design matched by amazing power. Designed by Mr. Luc Chartrand, who is an electronic and composite material specialist, the PLETHORE is made completely of the lightweight racing material known as carbon fiber and has a central driving position just like the McLaren F1. Which means the driver puts on the show for its two other passengers which ride behind the driver. I believe that you could charge admission for such an experience. Mr. Chartrand passionately comments that: "Not only does it offer incredible visibility from the central driver position, the car also provides room for as many as three people up to 6' in height - a first for this class of vehicle." With a price tag of $330, 000 CDN, one can easily see the Locus PLETHORE being snatched up by Professional NHL players and the like. Be quick though because there will only be a limit of 400 PLETHORE produced per year with the first orders of the vehicle will be taken by the end of summer 2007.

Gallery: HTT Locus PLETHORE Preview