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Multiple surveillance cameras captured the shocking scene when a GMC Sierra pickup truck crashed through a wall of the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport in Florida during the early hours of December 19. The video below shows the incident from several angles.


The truck's driver was a 40-year-old man. He sustained serious injuries in the crash, and authorities took him to a local hospital. There was no harm to anyone else, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

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The pickup crashed through the wall of the airport's baggage pickup area and damaged one of the luggage carousels. The vehicle came to a stop after colliding with the rental car counter. The airport was largely empty of travelers at the time of the crash because the last flight of the evening occurred about 20 minutes before this incident.

Police had already attempted to stop the driver before the crash because he was driving recklessly, but the pickup sped away. The truck then went through a chainlink fence at the border of the airport. The video above shows the pickup speeding down the tarmac and into the terminal.

Airport personnel estimated that the damage to the luggage carousel alone would require months to repair and cost of around $250,000, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Police currently aren't sure of the reason for the incident but speculate either a substance impairment or a medical issue as the cause.

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