Renault has announced plans to invest €420 ($543) million into their Georges Besse plant to gear up for production of the Espace, Laguna (estate & hatch) and Scenic / Grand Scenic replacements.

The funds will be used to buy new tooling and equipment which will be needed to build the models. The plant will also switch over to a "single-flow standard” which will enable all five models to be built on a single production line. Renault says this will enable them to easily adapt production to fluctuating demand.

Renault didn't reveal much about the upcoming models but confirmed they will use "standardized architectural components" and go into production sometime next year. Renault's Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain also hinted “The aim is for the plant to move into a new segment – executive vehicles – and to manage an unprecedented level of diversity. This will make it less dependent on market fluctuations and thus more efficient.”


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