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Somebody in Detroit is having a bad day. This unfortunate incident occurred earlier today on I-75 just north of downtown, and while we don’t have complete info on what happened, the crash appears relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. That is, minor in terms of other motorists involved in the melee. The cost of the collision will be anything but minor.

Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV had a helicopter in the area monitoring traffic and grabbed the aerial video you see above. We can’t be absolutely certain, but those two cars on their sides sure look like brand-spanking-new Mustang Shelby GT500s. It gets worse, because the green one has a mighty big wing on the back like the one you get in the Carbon Fiber Track Package. That’s an $18,500 option on a car with a $74,000 base price. At least they don’t have the $10,000 painted stripes, but still, we could be looking at $180,000 worth of wrecked GT500s. And we suspect that snazzy Ford one-ton dually tow vehicle with a jackknifed trailer embedded into the passenger quarter panel isn’t cheap, either.

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The cars at least look like they can be repaired, but therein lies a potentially sticky situation. We see what looks like pre-delivery stickers and wrap still in place, suggesting they weren’t in dealership possession just yet.

That said, A local dealership could've traded these new cars to another store, or perhaps they were being sent out for right away for special work with all the PDI bits still in place. Another theory could be that these were headed to Penske’s paint facility for the aforementioned $10,000 painted stripes. If that’s the case, it looks like Penske will have a bit more work to do.

Ultimately, we don't know why the Mustangs were on that trailer. Hopefully nobody was injured in this melee; it certainly doesn't look severe and vehicles can be rebuilt. Is there anything we missed in the video? If you have any info, jump into the comments and let us know.

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