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The last time we saw BMW’s forthcoming 2 Series Active Tourer, it was in a decidedly warmer climate. The compact minivan-ish Bimmer has since moved further north, and with the calendar getting deep into December, snow is plentiful and engineers are fully engaged in winter testing. The Euro-only model hasn’t lost any camouflage since we saw it last, but there are some interesting features to point out.

Folks familiar with the current model might be tempted to call this a facelift, as the design looks quite similar. It is billed as an all-new machine, however, and when you take a closer look you realize there are numerous fundamental differences such as the repositioning of the side mirrors, the softer rake to the beltline, and of course a new face with a larger kidney grille. It won’t be a gargantuan design reaching all the way to the bottom of the fascia, but it will grow in size.

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In fact, the entire car will grow a bit compared to the current model. The AT 2 Series is expected to use BMW’s new FAAR front-wheel-drive platform that arrived earlier in the year on the 1 Series, and that will stretch the Active Tourer’s overall length as well as the wheelbase. As such, the new model should offer more room for passengers, and more tech should be available as well. Front-wheel-drive will be standard with all-wheel-drive optional, and it should continue to offer a range of three- or four-cylinder engines burning gasoline or diesel. A plug-in hybrid model might be in the works as well.

With a decent amount of camouflage still on test vehicles, we suspect a debut is still many months away. Our sources believe a late-2020 reveal for the 2021 model year is a likely scenario.

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