Earlier this year, Kia filed several trademark applications for a new logo. It’s a stylistic departure from the brand’s current badge that displays Kia in block lettering inside a Ford-like oval. The new emblem gives the three simple letters attitude – a cross between italics and cursive that feels much more upscale than the current badge. We’ve seen examples of the new emblem, but it’s been on paper. Today, we have photos of the new badge on a real car, and it’s an improvement. 

The three photos appear to come from the Korean website Clien.net, though we first discovered one on The Korean Car Blog. It doesn't appear the emblem came from Kia itself. Instead, it looks like someone built their own to see how it looks. The images show the badge on the front and rear fascias, still in the same oval, and show how it looks on the steering wheel. The stylized letter is not as in your face as the block lettering, and the new lettering looks much more upscale than the current badge. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a version of this new emblem. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Imagine by Kia concept, the company’s first electric vehicle, wore a badge that features the same stylistic lettering except they weren’t connected. Kia also has a history of giving models unique badges, such as the Stinger and its “E” emblem. Even the Mohave SUV has a unique badge. 

Gallery: New Kia Emblem Photos

Now could be the perfect time for the Korean car brand to reinvent itself, and a new emblem would be a great place to start, singling to customers that today’s Kia is different from the Kia of five, 10, or even 20 years ago. The automaker is readying a new Optima that may have a new name. The Seltos is coming to the U.S. along with a redesigned version of the Sorento. We’re not sure where the new Kia emblem will appear if it appears on a model at all; however, it looks good. Kia should use it. 

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