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We laughed when Tesla unveiled its jagged-looking Cybertruck prototype. However, it looks like the American automaker is about to have the last laugh, as the Cybertruck’s unique looks are – for some reason – inspiring designs outside of the automotive industry. 

Case in point: the Cybunker. Designed by Lars Buro New York, the Cybunker is an 1,800-square-foot space that “can be deployed as a hi-tech depot, an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), or an off-grid residence.“ 

As its name implies, the Cybunker’s looks are very much inspired by the Cybertruck. The wedge-shaped building also includes roof-mounted solar panels that feed electricity to a bank of batteries.

Gallery: Cybunker

While 600 square-feet of the Cybunker serves as garage space, the structure’s remaining space earns its keep as living quarters. Well, at least that’s what Lars Buro New York shows in these artist renderings. 

Of course, it’s likely customers will customize the Cybunker’s interior to fit their specific needs, be it as a storage unit, a living space, or an office. What the Cybunker will cost, however, remains a mystery. 

A spokesperson for Lars Buro New York, however, confirmed in an email to that the Cybunker is intended to reach production and that the structure is currently “in the engineering phase,” with information relating to pricing and availability to come in the early part of 2020. 

Given its style, reported technology, and stated ability to withstand tough environments, the Cybunker is sure to cost a pretty penny. Then again, compared to the market value of the average home in more expensive parts of the United States, the Cybunker might come out looking like a reasonable value.

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