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In 2019, the Honda S2000 celebrates the 20th anniversary of its original introduction, and the Japanese automaker gives it a belated present at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon in January. The company introduces some new parts for the fan-favorite roadster.

Gallery: Honda At 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

Unfortunately, Honda only has a single teaser image of the tweaked S2000 at the moment. The company notes that the changes include a revised front bumper, updated suspension, and improved audio system. The automaker's photo doesn't provide a great look at these upgrades, though. The show in January should provide a better view.

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Fans of classic Hondas can also check out a modified EK9 Civic Type R from the late 1990s. The one at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon goes by the creative name Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser. The company is keeping the exact changes a secret for now, but the announcement positions the vehicle as something to reflect "neo-Japan."

Rather than being performance-oriented like the S2000 and Civic Type R, a custom Honda Step Wgn has more utilitarian upgrades. The Wagon-Kachatto has a flat floor and ramp at the back for an easier time loading stuff inside. The company notes this could be for rolling a wheelchair into the cabin or putting a motorcycle inside the minivan.

Finally, Honda gets kids excited about cars with the Aibou. Like the rest of the creations for the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, the automaker is light on details at the moment, but the announcement positions the model as a child's first Honda. It's not clear whether a kid would just push it around or if there are electric motors that allow the machine to drive.

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