We all know the importance of automotive alliances between different manufacturers; being able to share and leverage resources to be able to produce vehicles in a more cost-effective manner, and to help reduce R&D time and money. After all, it's a mutually beneficial arrangement, and it's such an effective method of pooling resources that certain markets are now open to new brand or model introductions, the likes of which would never been possible if not for these cooperative methods. Another cool benefit of an alliance is the idea of bringing back a previously discontinued nameplate such as the Mitsubishi Pajero. Our friends over at CarsGuide picked up on a hint regarding some plans for Nissan to share their Patrol platform to Mitsubishi, therefore allowing them to significantly update the Pajero for a next-generation outing. 

Gallery: Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition

In the United States, we mostly miss out on the newer Mitsubishi Pajero and the newer Nissan Patrol. Those who remember are forced to relive the memories of the Patrol in the 60s, and its kinda modernized return as an Infiniti QX56, or the Mitsubishi Pajero's (Montero as it was known in the USA) last outing that lasted two decades, ending in 2006. Unfortunately, the best models of these Japanese SUVs never officially touched American soil, unless it was some sort of import. These two SUVs rake in some serious money in countries like Australia, where the Pajero, despite being officially axed in Japan, is still going strong, with no signs of stopping. With no word from Mitsu's local arm in Australia, it's just business as usual for the Pajero, despite being at least 14 years old. 

Mitsubishi's Australian chief, John Signoriello, says that there's a product plan in place that's going forward, but details aren't available to everyone just yet. "You never know what the alliance could bring That's the beauty of product and platform sharing within the alliance. Its always got to be based on a business case. Can we come up with a business case in the end to justify it? The Alliance will determine whether there are other platforms to be shared." Interesting to note is that in 2007, Mitsu's former CEO, Trevor Mann, told media in 2007 at Geneva that the Nissan Patrol was the most likely brand partner for a next-generation Pajero. We guess the game is afoot at last, yes?






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