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Jeep aims to be the "greenest SUV brand" in the world – that's a claim that its new global president, Christian Meunier, has made in relation to the brand's push for electrification.

However, Meunier isn't stopping at being the greenest. During a Gladiator drive in New Zealand, the former Infiniti president told Australia's Motoring that future electric Jeeps will be "the best Jeeps ever built." He continues on and claimed that Jeep EVs will be "the best product ever," and that they will retain their emotional traits as off-roading SUVs.

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"There is nothing cooler in my mind than driving in nature in silence," Meunier told Motoring.

Moreover, Meunier added that the push for electrification will have to start in three key markets first, namely Europe, China, and the U.S. If it succeeds, to which the global boss is very enthusiastic about, then the other markets will follow.

Jeep's push for electrification has already started. The Wrangler PHEV (spy images above) has been confirmed for launch in 2020, while the Renegade and Compass small SUVs have already been given electrified versions earlier this year. It has also been reported that every Jeep vehicle will have an electrified option by 2021.

Meunier also mentioned that Jeep's way of communicating with other Jeeps will be improved in the months to come. A Jeep vehicle in close proximity will be detected by the system and will be shown on the map, and will be able to communicate with each other as well.

Aside from that, a few more high-tech features are underway for the popular off-roaders. 

"There is many other things we can do. We can detect water depth for instance … stay tuned there are many cool features coming," said Meunier.

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