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Ask most any muscle car enthusiast – especially those with an affinity for classic Mopars – about cars with GTX badges and you’ll get one definitive answer. Originally launched as the Belvedere GTX in 1967, the Plymouth GTX lived just a few short years during the heyday of Detroit’s original muscle car era, but it became a straight-up legend in the process. Now, it appears GTX is coming back, but if won’t be a product of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Nor will it have a thumping V8 engine under the hood.

According to a report from Autocar, Volkswagen is planning to use the GTX moniker for performance versions of its all-electric ID lineup. Apparently it’s already been trademarked by VW, and while this news may be a source of frustration for muscle car fans, there is a precedent in the halls of Wolfsberg for using these three iconic letters. Performance-oriented VWs have used GTI branding for much longer than the GTX was originally in Plymouth’s stable. Variations of that nameplate have also been used from time to time, such as GTD for exciting VW diesel applications. In that sense, using GTX to denote a high-performance electric VW does seem appropriate.

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Perhaps the bigger news here is that VW will actually offer tweaked versions of its burgeoning ID lineup. The automaker hasn’t confirmed anything, but in this instance, the X is believed to denote an all-wheel-drive layout. That would likely mean dual-motor arrangements for ID models, which likely means extra power along with extra grip. Throw in some snazzy bodywork and cool graphics and voila, you have an ID GTX.

What will be the first ID model to get the GTX treatment? VW is mum on that as well, though Autocar heard a rumor that a two-door version of the ID.4 could launch in Europe as a GTX-trimmed model in 2021.

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