The New M3 sales will commence in September and BMW is preparing to sell more than 100,000 of the 420hp V8-engined performance car. When you consider the previous generation E46 M3 model sold 90,000 units, it doesn't seem unachievable by any stretch of the imagination. BMW have been quoted as saying they want the M3 to become a high production model, however it has gone considerably upmarket and therefore has created a void in the lower segment, which has been filled by the 300hp 135i coupe. This has given a performance minded enthusiast a highly welcome headache. On one hand, a consumer that wants a pure performance based model the 135i would be more suitable, although a CEO horsepower junkie would prefer the M3. It remains to be seen whether this could impede on the M3 sales. Either way, BMW has produced two fantastic cars we can't wait to get behind the wheel.

Gallery: New BMW M3 Sales set to exceed 100,000