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Driving in reverse can be tough, especially as your speed increases, because all of your usual steering inputs are the opposite of how you normally control a vehicle. Race car driver Davey Hamilton has an eye-catching solution by flipping the body around on a 1952 Ford pickup. Now, when going down the road, the old truck appears to be going in reverse.

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Hamilton got the idea for his truck from a friend in Maine who owned something similar to this weird ride. He then started searching for a pickup for the project and specifically wanted something with a wide rear window that could become a suitable windshield. This '52 Ford turned up three miles from his father's house, and it was the perfect starting point for the build.

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A panel now covers the cargo bed, and underneath there's a Chevrolet 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) V8 that runs through a three-speed automatic. There's a huge radiator to keep things cool because there are only a few relatively small holes in the tailgate to let air into the engine bay.

Driving the weird rig is generally like any other vehicle. A cut-out section lets occupants extend their feet into where the bed usually is because there wouldn't be enough room to sit there otherwise. 

Seeing a ratty '52 Ford pickup would draw attention on the road anyway. However, this one gets even more looks because it seems to be driving backwards. People can't help but gawk at such a weird sight on the road.

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